The new generation Scotch-Brite Clean and Strip Pro Discs have arrived!

These new discs:

  • Provide fast paint, rust and coating removal;
  • Allow users to choose their cut and finish to prep for welding, paint and adhesives;
  • Have a higher speed rating;
  • Are easy to use;
  • Allow mill scale removal;
  • Are low sparking;
  • Are more conformable;
  • Will not damage metal under the coating; and
  • Require less loading, less chunking and are longer lasting.

The new generation Clean and Strip Pro Discs are a step above the original Clean and Strip discs offering new features and unique advantages. The Pro Discs are made using a sharp silicon carbide mineral and feature a re-engineered web, designed to create a more conformable and durable disc that will not damage the base metal.

Clean and Strip Pro Discs can be used across various industries to achieve fantastic results. However, these discs are most valuable when used in machinery and equipment manufacturing, infrastructure manufacturing, metal foundries, ship and boat building, aerospace and rail applications, oil and gas industries and the automotive aftermarket.

Use Scotch-Brite Pro Discs when you need to remove coatings without damaging the base metal, require a low sparking product, need conformability and when removing paint, rust, coatings and light mill scale.

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