Written by Greta Sedl, Executive Assistant


Introducing the newest drill from Sutton Tools, the SDS Max Speeduster.

The SDS Max Speeduster is a masonry drill with the ability to rapidly remove dust via its vacuum cleaning connecting sleeve. It is excellent for drilling through reinforced concrete and its numerous other benefits increase efficiency, safety and productivity in the work place.

These benefits include:

  • 2 times faster than conventional drilling
  • No cleaning required. Dust is extracted directly to the connected vacuum cleaner, eliminating the need for brushing and cleaning.
  • Reduced risk of silicosis. As the dust produced during the drilling process is vacuumed via wide suction holes directly to the vacuum cleaner, the risk of lung diseases, such as silicosis, are dramatically reduced.
  • Full carbide head, for heavy duty drilling. Idea for drilling through reinforced concrete.
  • Cleaner holes, for easier and stronger fastening.
  • Vacuum cleaner connecting sleeves suit standard 35mm vacuum tubes. This means that the SDS Max Speeduster is compatible with all standard vacuum cleaners.

Still not convinced? Check out this video to learn more about the SDS Max Speeduster today.