Tesa offers a wide range of tapes to suit a variety of purposes, providing solutions you can trust no matter the job. Tesa tapes can also be used in a range of applications to combat the COVID-19 threat.

The Tesa flex 4169 PV8 and Tesa 4688 cloth tapes encourage safe social distancing practices when used as floor marking tape. Marking out lines and designated waiting areas across various industries is vital to ensuring public safety and compliance with the Australian Government’s requirement for everyone to keep 1.5m apart. Tesa floor marking tape is long lasting, abrasion resistant and is durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, trolleys and more. The tape sticks securely to all surfaces and is quick and easy to apply. Their 4688 cloth tape also provides reliable marking in a range of highly visible colours.

Tesa 4970 is ideal for keeping safe-distancing top of mind when adhering temporary reminder signs. Tesa’s double-sided tapes are ideal for mounting lightweight signs onto walls, doors, glass and other surfaces; this tape offers high adhesion and easy removal with no residue. An excellent combination of high tack and immediate adhesion ensures a secure bond even on rough or dusty surfaces.

Promote clean hands and help prevent the spread with easy access to hand sanitiser. Tesa’s 4952 and ACXplus 7055 double-sided foam tapes are perfect for mounting dispensers; both are able to form an immediate bond on many types of wall surfaces and materials. Double-sided tapes are quick and convenient to apply, and strong enough to withstand the pressure of regular usage.

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