When it comes to spill containment, most workplace contingency plans focus on preventing big spill incidents, despite small spills accounting for the majority of workplace accidents. While a ‘worst case scenario’ spill containment plan is crucial for every workplace to have, failing to implement a small spill response plan can be viewed as highly negligent.

Small spills are an everyday occurrence, resulting from accidentally knocking over containers of liquid, overfilling containers, spilling liquid during transfers, leaking containers, overspray, broken seals… the list is endless.

Despite small spills not being as dangerous or alarming as major spill events they still have the potential to cause major damage and, at the end of the day, they still need to be cleaned up.

By ensuring that all areas prone to spills are equipped with small spill kits you can prevent extended down time that staff would use to find something to clean the spill with. Further, these kits can be stocked with the correct products needed to clean specific spills, which is of particular importance when if it is an oil or a hazardous chemical spill.

Taking immediate action when a minor spill occurs is likely to prevent the myriad of problems generally associated with major spill events, such as spills entering a drain, slip hazards and liquid being walked through then spread throughout a facility.

Envirosmart’s SpillSmart 15L Single Use Spill Kits are perfect to prevent these typical workplace situations as they:

  • Contain everything required to clean up a small spill;
  • Are compact and can be placed in locations such as workstations, under work benches, motor vehicles, loading docks and transfer stations etc.;
  • Ensure large Spill Kits kept on site remain stocked for potential large spill events;
  • Clean up a spill quickly, are easy to use and reduce downtime;
  • Are low cost to purchase and easy to reorder;
  • Promote a positive safety culture within workplaces

Evidently, being equipped to respond to small spills, which unfortunately are a regular occurrence, is equally as important as being prepared to deal with large spills in order to ensure the safety of all present in your workplace.

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