Australia is the Skin Cancer Capital of the World with Almost Half a Million Cases Each Year. But Fortunately it is Easily Preventable With a Few Simple Steps.




Exposure to the sun is essential for good health and necessary in the world we live, but long term exposure can lead to serious health concerns. In Australia, UV radiation reaches level 3 and above for significant periods of the day all year around and in these situations application of sunscreen is highly recommended. SPF 50+ Sunscreen applied every 2 hours during the day provides significant protection to your skin from both UVA and UVB rays, significantly reducing your risk of cancer and damage to your skin. It is also important to use a sunscreen that is water-resistant to combat the effects of heavy sweating or the surf. Furthermore, infants and children are particularly susceptible to damage caused by the sun and this exposure can contribute to a lifetime risk of skin cancer.


Headwear and protective clothing are other important aspects of sun protection. Shirts with long sleeves and collars as well as broad brimmed/bucket hats limit the exposure to the sun, further protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun.


And don’t forget eye protection. UV radiation from the sun can have serious effects on our eyes, including cataracts and cancer on the surface of the eye. Therefore it is important to look after them in the form of sunglasses, wearing appropriate headwear and reducing exposure to the sun. Sunglasses alone can stop up to 90% of the UVA transmittance while a broad brimmed hat can reduced the level of UV radiation to the eyes by 50%, safeguarding your eyes for the future.


The combination of these strategies can lead to a significant decrease in the harmful effects of the sun on your skin/eyes and lead to better overall health!