3M Silver abrasives for metalworking and fabrication is a new class of abrasives featuring 3M Precision-Shaped Grain. These new products last significantly longer than conventional abrasives like aluminum oxide and alumina zirconia, delivering the abrasive life you need and the value you want. All in one wheel.

3M Silver Abrasives are available in grinding wheels and cut-off wheels which are able to be used on a variety of substrates including carbon steel and stainless steel.

3M Silver Cut-Off Wheels

New 3M Silver Cut-off Wheels are a new kind of premium performance wheel designed to be affordable for everyday use. Featuring 3M Precision-Shaped Grain technology, these innovative wheels cut cool, to deliver fast, smooth cutting action on all types of ferrous metals, stainless steels and alloy steels. And customers report that they have exceptional durability and last longer than competitive aluminium oxide and alumina zirconia wheels. That means fewer wheel changes and more finished parts per wheel, to help improve shop productivity and control your costs.

3M Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheels

3M™ Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheels represent a new class of right angle abrasives – powered by the legendary speed and long life of 3M Precision-Shaped Grain. The exceptional quality of these discs reduces changeouts and downtime in robotic and pressure-assisted applications, increasing overall productivity. They are an ideal choice for applications like weld removal, bevelling, edge chamfering and more – offering a faster cut and longer life than aluminium oxide and alumina zirconia wheels.


Watch the 3M Silver Grinding Wheel in action here: