Written by Sue Rogan, Account Manager


Not having the stock you need, when you need it can be a serious issue, delaying important process in your workplace. AutoCrib’s industrial vending machines are a reliable, time efficient solution to this problem.

These customisable vending machines provide point-of-use inventory management for industrial supplies. Workers simply scan an ID card or use their fingerprint to access necessary stock, while the industrial vending system automatically keeps a record.

Watch this video to learn how the AutoCrib works to improve inventory management processes.


How many times has your busy schedule been interrupted by someone asking for some PPE or tooling? Or how many times have you had to put down your tools to look for someone to issue you a new set of gloves, eyewear or ear protection?

Perhaps you are the key holder for the cabinet where all the consumables are stored? Or maybe you are the employee constructing a job – whichever position you hold, have you ever stopped to consider the cost and time wasted each time the tools are put down to source one of these basic, yet necessary, items?

What is your time worth? What is the cost to your business every time a supervisor leaves their post to provide an employee with access to a stores area to obtain a restricted item? How often is this time-consuming process repeated throughout the day? How much time does your administration team spend tracking and purchasing these consumable items? How much time is wasted chasing up tools which have not been returned?

The installation of an AutoCrib industrial vending machine will benefit your company in numerous ways through lowered inventory costs, improved productivity and a streamlined stock retrieval process.

Further benefits include:

    • Reduced spend on consumable items;
    • 24-7 availability with accountability for employee transactions;
    • Significant reduction of consumption and hoarding;
    • The ability to turn your inventory data into actionable information;
    • Improved job costing, inventory forecasting and demand planning;
    • Controlled access to stock by item, department, employee, job, machine, etc. for complete inventory control.

AutoCrib gives you the ability to keep a close eye on every item in your inventory, including tools, PPE, fasteners, gauges, welding supplies. Tools can also be taken and returned, calibration, test & tag and service intervals can be tracked. There is no limit to what can be dispensed with AutoCrib’s range of vending machines and lockers.

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