Written by Sue Rogan, Sales Representative


Every at-height worker deserves to be safe, no matter the size or nature of the job. Height safety compliance is not something to be taken lightly. If you or your employees need to work at a height you must ensure that your premises are safe and compliant.

Height safety requirements for Australian workplaces are determined by the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (the WHS Act).

Under the WHS Act, a person conducting a business or undertaking is responsible for ensuring that workers are not exposed to health and safety risks which could arise from the business or undertaking.

In relation to fall risks, the WHS Act requires employers to ensure that:

  • Work is carried out on the ground or a solid construction, as much as reasonably practical.
  • Safe means of access to exit the workplace are provided.
  • Fall prevention devices, work positions systems or fall arrest systems are used to minimise the risk of falls.

If employees are required to work at a height over 2 metres or within 2 metres of a fall edge, then height safety and fall prevention equipment must be used. Depending on the type of work being carried out and the particular requirements of the job, one or more different types of height safety equipment may be required.

To help all workers at height – and those who employ them – understand that an effective fall protection program requires more than simply selecting equipment, 3M’s Fall Protection division offers accredited training alongside numerous other services. Their range of quality products and protection solutions, combined with their accredited training programs, makes 3M a leader in fall protection and a company which empowers workers to do their best work safely and comfortably.

Construction Workers Kit

Roof Workers Kit

If you are unsure if your height safety equipment and procedures are compliant with the Australian standard, it’s a good idea to have your premises inspected by a height safety professional.

Sedl Agencies have partnered with 3M’s Fall Protection Safety division to deliver height safety inspections to workplaces across the Southeast. Once completed, if your business meets the Australian standards, the certified inspector will issue you with a compliance certificate. If your business is not compliant, the inspector will issue recommendations to meet the standards.

Contact Sedl Agencies to arrange an inspection with an accredited 3M specialist or for further information on height safety audits, fall protection demonstrations, harness fittings and/or accredited training for your workplace.