Protecting your goods from damage during transport and shipping is vital with multitudes of different products and processes used to offer the best possible protection and stabilisation. Pallet pads are one such product that is used. Made from compressed cardboard and sitting between the pallet and product, they offer protection against dirt, grime, moisture and wood splinters. They can also be used to separate different layers of product, aiding in the efficient distribution of and again increasing the stability of the pallet. But with new technological advances there is a new product that fulfils this role with significant cost and environmental benefits, Fibreboard Pallet Liners!



Traditional Corrugated Pallet Pads

Traditional pallet pads are made from corrugated cardboard with two sheets of paper liner separated by fluted corrugated paper medium. The strength and protection offered varies depending the number of layers, flute profile and the grams per square meter. Larger flute profiles deliver a greater vertical compression strength and cushioning while smaller flute profiles offer superior structural strength and capability for graphics and printing.


The Latest Innovation – Fibre Pallet Liners

Fibre Pallet Liners are the latest innovation with modern technology. They offer comparable levels of protection to corrugated cardboard with a number of significant benefits. The first of which is the price which in some cases can be up to 50% cheaper in upfront cost. Secondly, due to the nature of their construction they offer more durability against water as the water beading off of the liner rather than being absorbed as is the case with cardboard. This results in a longer life span of the liners, saving cost due to decreased usage. The third benefit that fibre pallet liners offer is the reduced storage size. The nature of the construction means that the liners can fit more sheets on a pallet, taking up less space which is significant for both transportation costs and warehouse storage management. Finally there is the environmental and waste disposal benefits associated with the footprint of the liners. By using less material to achieve the same levels of protection there is less waste that needs to be disposed of, greatly decreasing the costs associated and provides a more environmentally sustainable business practice.

By switching from traditional pallet pads to the newer, more advanced pallet liners your business will be able to decrease its operating costs and achieve more a sustainable, environmentally friendly policy.



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