What Are Pallet Wrappers / What Can They Do?

Stretch wrapping is a common practice for ensuring safe shipment and stacking of pallets. And there are multiple ways of going about this, from traditional hand wrapping techniques to semi and even fully automatic machines, all with their own advantages.

Pallet wrapping machines improve the productivity, decrease the consumption of consumables, improve the appearance of your goods, save on labour costs, and reduce the risk of injury. They also come in many configurations that can be modified to suit the individual needs of your business.



Some of the Main Benefits That a Machine Can Offer Over Hand Wrapping:

LOWER COSTS – A stretch machine applies film with even tension, making it possible for you to use less film to get superior load containment.

REDUCE DAMAGES – A machine can wrap with more consistency from the top to the bottom and from the first to the last pallet. It has the ability to perform the repetitive tasks without compromising on quality.

IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY – By automating routine tasks, it frees up employees to focus on tasks that require critical thinking.

Different Types of Pallet Wrappers:

Manual vs Semi-Automatic vs Automatic

Pallet Wrappers come with all different features, benefits and levels of automation to fulfil different requirements. From manual machines that require constant staff attention when in use, to fully automatic machines built into conveyer belts and production lines. There are multiple options available to you depending upon your needs, no matter the space and budget available or the types of loads that you are wrapping.


Turntable pallet wrapping machines operate via a turntable that rotates the load around while the film delivery system dispenses stretch film. For effective and safe operation of a turntable pallet wrapper, the pallet load must be stable and have the weight evenly distributed. Turntable wrapping machines have the added benefit of being portable, providing warehouses with the flexibility organise space as required. These are often the best and most effective options due to their lower up front cost, flexibility and all round performance on most typically types of load/pallet.

Rotating Arm / Straddle

Rotating Arm Pallet wrapping machines are better suited to both smaller unstable and heavier loads due to their design whereby the load does not move, rather the arm rotates around the load, dispensing the wrap as it goes. This type of pallet wrapper does require it to be fixed to the ground, resulting in an inability to move the pallet wrapper to the pallets/loads as needed and reducing the flexibility of your warehouse. They are also a more expensive option compared to turntable machines.

Orbital / Horizontal

Orbital Pallet wrappers, typically incorporated into conveyer belt systems, wrap the load over and under. This is beneficial for flattened and unwieldy loads such as doors, pipes and rolls of carpet. These machines come in multiple configurations with manual, semi and fully automatic systems as well as the options for machines that are mobile or fixed.

Ring Straddle

These are highly specialised machines that are capable of up to 180+ loads per hour. Typically found in the tissue, paper towel and beverage industries and completely automated, they suit high volume conveyer belt operations.


Robot Pallet Wrappers are an easy and convenient option to add pallet wrapping capability to your workplace. Their mobility allows them to be utilised where needed and their intuitive sensors allow them to wrap most loads of any shape, weight or dimension. The machines are designed with a high level of safety in mind, making use of its sophisticated sensor systems and other safety features to reduce the possibility of damage or injury.


No matter what needs you have, there is a pallet wrapping machine option for you!


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