Written by Ellen Morrison, Executive Assistant


Filling your toolbox with the tools needed to perform the numerous odd jobs around your home or at work can be a costly process. WD-40 eliminates the need to buy numerous other products. With its extreme functionality, WD-40 is a tool-kit in a can.

Thanks to its reputation for quality, versatility and functionality, this blue and yellow can has been a toolbox staple for Australian tradesmen for years. However, WD-40 isn’t just used by industry professionals.

Because WD-40 cleans, protects, lubricates, penetrates and drives out moisture, it’s become a necessity in every household. It cleans and protects tools, buffs out scuff marks and removes adhesive residue. It lubricates zippers and fixes squeaky hinges. It penetrates, frees stuck locks and loosens rusted taps.

In fact, there isn’t much that WD-40 can’t do! Check out a few of its 2,001 uses below:

  • Unsticks piano keys
  • Removes stains from coffee cups
  • Quiets squeaky piano pedals
  • Cleans remote controls
  • Removes nail polish from hardwood floors
  • Drives moisture from outdoor latches
  • Unlinks gold chains
  • Removes ink from blue jeans
  • Unclogs shower heads
  • Removes scuffs from tiles
  • Shines diamonds
  • Cleans burnt oil from exhaust pipes on motorcycles
  • Removes ink from hands
  • Eliminates squeaks from locks
  • Removes crayon from walls
  • Cleans peanut butter from shoe strings
  • Removes adhesive stickers
  • Unsticks gum
  • Frees stuck lego
  • Removes tape residue
  • Cleaning and waterproofing white sneakers
  • Removes ink from carpet

Check out more of WD-40s numerous uses to discover which applications suit you.

With so many functions packed into one little can, WD-40 is the ultimate solution to the countless jobs around your home, garage and garden.